The Need for Antibiotics Part three-and endlessly

That most excellent scientist, Professor Colin Garner makes an excellent case why the Corona virus crisis would be a lot, lot worse in the absence of good antibiotics. I have taken the liberty of cherry picking the key points from his recent newsletter here

A recent scientific paper from Wuhan, China published in the well-known medical journal, the Lancet, reported that sepsis was responsible for all the deaths in the study group. Of this group, half had a secondary bacterial infection that failed to respond to antibiotics. How heart-breaking. Sadly secondary bacterial infections are very common in coronavirus victims as the COVID-19 virus attacks the body’s immune cells. It is vital therefore that antibiotics keep on working and that new ones are found. Eventually a vaccine will be developed for COVID-19 in contrast to antibiotics where no new ones are on the horizon. This is why we believe our research to be so important.”

I have highlighted the key learning points.

This man’s battle is on behalf of us all

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